As the sun sets…..

How did your day go??? Mine, busy as usual… for retired people, we are always busy, at home…

Tomorrow starts the shrink wrap marathon for the shed… start packing up the stuff that isn’t going to be used any time soon and get it out of the way for every day living… oh, we shrink wrap, because of the moisture… I have electronics, computers, TVs.. none of it worth anything, but here, you pack out your trash and the stuff is all use able… just not that new… so home it goes, when ever that happens and some of the kids may end up with stuff… lol, you never know…

Cops were next door today, 2 cars… and we hope that the free loaders are aware, we are watching and don’t want any more crap… I sleep way to damn light, to put up with engine repair at 1AM…. and we went to lots of effort to expand the yard with fence gates and move the sheds… so, I’m done playing nice and quiet neighbor… now it’s my insurance and liability and lack of patience with grown adults acting like teenage bullies… so over it… bangers have been quiet too, but it’s not dark yet….

I feel the tension in my back from what is going on with our ex neighbors and the murders that happened recently… don’t get me wrong, we are safe, we haven’t slept with our windows closed since we moved here, unless the AC is on… plus we have motion lights and cameras and more than just the ring alarm… the new one will just be added noise… always stay prepared for the unexpected assholes…

Just wow, I was playing music… I have some very old sheet music and was playing stuff from the 40’s and 50’s and came across the song, I’ll be home for christmas… had to quit playing on the keyboard with that one… sigh… not be able to leave for at least 2 to ???? how many years… and 2 is a optimistic view, not realistic….

What gets me, the people on the island are at higher risk for this virus and they act like nothing is happening… the ignorance is beyond anything I’ve seen, except in 3rd world countries… and that boils down to education and beliefs… and beliefs have hurt these islands in so many ways…. like religion is hurting the mainland…

We don’t worry about the kids, wouldn’t do us any good… we just hope… that’s all anyone can do… right now… hope and do all the things they recommend….

Mask, Social distancing inside and out… wash hands… yep, what is coming, will be a wakeup call for my kin… they’ve never been down this road…

I have, and it’s not one, I willingly go down again….

Adorable Spite….

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