Conflicting Symptoms… do you have any Grey pupont???

Probably spelled that wrong, but on one trip, hubby, driving a class C and he pulls up next to someone, rolls the window down and he and my oldest stick their heads out the window an ask if they had any grey pupont… to spicy, but hey, to each their own….

Watching the news, it’s just depressing, so start my day and get busy… and it hit me, how conflicting all the symptoms have been since as long as I can remember…. my symptoms over lapped and were hidden in plain sight, so as to keep the adults for being punished for abuse while in the Air Force… yep that general raping his kid is nothing knew… christians are the worse of humanity… just that simple and the most corrupt… an biggest cowards…. huh Carlson Tucker???

But it got me to thinking about when the symptoms started and that would have been around the age of 5 or 6… and with shaken baby syndrome, that’s just about right, if repeated abuse was continued… which explains the blank gap I have from age 2 to 5… Spinal cord injury, starting the inflammation in the brain and spinal cord… something I have lived with, pretty much my whole life and not one doctor in 66 years got it right…. NOT ONE……

So, now that I have the full attention of a eye surgeon and a neurologist… I’m actually getting some answers… The PT kids are filling in the blanks…

How??? Well, when I describe the assault, and what things felt like after the fact… we can pinpoint injuries and the kind of injury and I already know who did it and how they did it… so it’s just identifying those injuries and putting them in perspective… and dealing with them…

Oh an Peggy got slapped once….

Things will never be easy, they never have been… but if you don’t know your limitations, you don’t find them out, until you fail at what you set out to do… and I failed at very few things….

I took flying lessons on Japan, and remember John and his buddies on the flight line, when I came in for my first touch and go… boy did the nose of the Cesna bounce… but I learned, my legs weren’t strong enough to do the peddles and left the flying to someone more able… but oh what fun…

I got to perform and do a few shows, dancing was something I loved… but within a few years, my hip refused to allow such movement and I knew not why… but the military compensated me through the VA….

I can account for all injuries, who did them, where they happened, what state, where we lived, yada, yada, yawn…. an no one wanted to listen and still doesn’t… her voodoo is greater than my voodoo… so they can have her…

As for the rest… not interested in proving anything to anyone or what ever… my body is my evidence and medical records that go back to Italy 1975… so I have proof… those injuries are from Freda and Don and the Air Force protected them and are paying Freda to stay quiet… kind of an interesting thought on the book line… sorry, my mind is wandering as it pours and the sun comes up….

This rambling is just a reminder, my mind is always on the move and looking for it’s next interest or brain candy… and this blog is truly dragging me down… see neuro in a couple weeks… think it’s time to quit…

Anyhow… the symptoms started very young and never stopped, in fact… they followed the text book for the issues I have and what did the good christian doctors do….??? Nada, but tell me I was making it up… thus wining full VA benefits… I proved they lied… an boy did they lie…

One AF flight surgeon said I had a STD, is that what they are called, just because I refused to have sex with him… I went through 2 shots of penicillin in my ass and a reputation that was not earned… the lab culture was sent to Oklahoma City state lab and it came back unidentified an yes I have that paperwork…. so they didn’t know what I had… shortly after that test, my cervix and uterus were removed… so the possibility of it having been cancer, are high, they didn’t have a test for that kind back in the 70’s….

Anyhow, in the long run, my blood showed no such kind of antigen in my blood stream showing a STD infection, EVER…. yep, turn a christian down for sex and you get the rep… been down that path more times than I can count…. I would be a millionaire…

So, rambling done, rain done, day started… much to do, to get house ready for my up coming dental work…. one thing about that… pain med, that will allow me to play on my computer… so I might play a couple games, with my wrist not killing me… maybe… probably sleep alot…

Have a great day, wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands and stay away from crowds out or in….


Adorable Spite… Voodoo hunter… slayer too, just thinking….

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