Beauty Tip of the Iceberg…

We are born with abilities that we either honor or we lose by teachings from others, whose ideas may impede our individuality to shine…

As with ice bergs…. the surface is the jacket cover, never exposing its true nature until it is tipped…. taking the jacket for a long swim below…..

Individuality too can be smothered by beliefs that take away from your true identity an abilities, exposing the side of you that is not your true form….

As with those who would rather we endure four years of hell with Trump, because they bought into the lies about Clinton… You are the ones responsible for what the world is facing an what will you do????

Pray to your man made god you made by calling rape immaculate… Trump or Jesus, the con is the same….

So what are you??? The tip of the ice berg or the hidden danger beneath our feet????

Adorable Spite Voodoo Hunter…. do you, do the voodoo???

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