An he ends with God bless America???

Okay, what god and who is to say that the majority of Americans want any kind of god having a say about their lives???

Evangelicals are so frigid, they want to own women in America…. is that the god Biden talked about???

At least the man was articulate and coherent… did I like anything his little speech about the economy and recovery??? He didn’t say anything any leader in a time of crisis wouldn’t say, except for Trumpie…

When you look at the reality of the up coming presidential election…. insanity among leaders isn’t new… look at N. Korea and China & Russia… all into brainwashing by any means necessary, wheres as in America it’s buy the courts and put religious mentally ill people in charge, because the rest of us are to busy trying to survive as christians dismantle our democracy…

No clue about you, but Biden has my vote… My hope, he picks Duckworth as VP… that kid has more balls than any man I’ve seen in my 66 years….

I have hope, that as this pandemic teach’s the people, without science, you aren’t going to survive this pandemic….

You can hold your breath and pass out and still not need a god… you just think you do, need a god, why I’ll never get… true story…

As I tell anyone who will listen… the only way to change things that you don’t like in America….. VOTE, no excuse not too…

Morning stuff done, food down, time to do a bowl and go do my workout… mile walk done early, before and after rain… never dull in our home…

Of, if your curious about ancestry… the first woman to marry in Virginia was a “Burrow” or “Burroughs” to a “Landon”, same time Pochahantas got married, I know I spelled that wrong… anyway, the woman is my direct descendant, first to marry, have a kid on American soil… a pilgrim… I still ask, what the hell happened to my family and then do the V8 moment…


Adorable Spite….

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