Who Are YOU???a Coward??? or FIGHTER for FREEDOM OF RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION!!!! edited….the longer no hits, the more I know WORD PRESS CENSORS AN PLAYS GOD….

I haven’t seen you SHARE ONE BLOG????

why not????… afraid of freedom of speech or are you a moderator????….

WHO MADE YOU JUDGE, Jury an god?????

Are you going to be able to pay to your bills???? AS CHRISTIANS DiSMANTLE DEMOCRACY????


Are you that afraid of a god that no one can touch, smell, see or hear???? BUT THIS VIRUS YOU AREN’T AFRAID OF?????

Oh lordy, this isn’t the first time….. bubonic plague an Covid are just natures way of cleaning house an christians an muslims are on the list along with atheist…only one difference….

Atheist are well aware who death is….. COVID an Trump an Christians…. once you all drop dead an virus is done, the rest of us get to live in peace until another man made god via rape comes along for yahoos to cry too…

Adorable Spite…. if this one blog does not get a lot of hits, Word Press you proved my point about playing god an stealing our money like all christians do an oh lordy children, you will never win, it may take time but we will take your bigot hateful traitors against veterans an Americans an run you out of our nation of democracy….

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