So I’m Angry… did it do any good???

Well we could hear the banger, so far in advance, hubby’s electric recliner had time to put the legs down, so he could see the vehicle being so rude… lol… as he banged by, all I could think, smile, stupid smile… you aren’t hurting me, but you are destroying your hearing, your passenger’s hearing and not to say the least, that old truck, is totally put together with nuts and bolts and good ole vibration, has it’s drawbacks…. an walked away smiling… Ho’Onui lost this round…

But hubby saw rig and will be watching for the opportunity to get license plate for the police and we file a formal complaint… and we’ll see how long that smile lasts… on his face… mine, won’t quit…. so keep driving slowly by dumb dumb…. America’s dumbest criminals on Makuu street…

So… PT today… I got the sweetheart and told her about the right leg doing it’s thing, which means what??? Compartment syndrome, same thing my left leg has a 12 inch scar from…. just this time, we will work it out and keep it from going the route of surgery… and she worked my neck…

UGH!!!! I have fought this posture crap my whole life and you got it… aha moment… whole life… means, what ever happened that got me any kind of medical care, I was real young… what ever happened in Texas… I promise you, Freda lied… so, that just means….

How the hell I made it through basic training an my own brother washed out….. if you could hear me laughing… what a woose…..

Anyhow… it’s all about strength training, to undo all the bad I did over the decades and teach this ole girl some new tricks… it just means, physical therapy will be a yearly thing… as long as medicare covers it…. I really do want to out live all the assholes… just for giggles, no other reason… just giggles…

So we are home, till all hell breaks loose next week… couple days are slammed and MRI, oh boy… I hate those tubes…

Hoping to get the last two sheds moved and start really enjoying the nice new fenced in yard with drive in gates… next buyer will like what we did, some asked if it could be done… so we get to use it for the next couple years and tweak things… once done with sheds, it’s what ever is happening with life, implants, and Virus….

I don’t think this year is going to be boring in any way shape or form…. true story, sadly….

Adorable Spite…. Voodoo out….

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