Please don’t buy the snake oil from Trumps CDC…. PLEASE!!!!

If nothing else… please do not buy into the bull shit coming out of the CDC and the white house… they are not going to save American lives… we have to save ourselves…

To my family, if you are reading this… fill up… fill up your pantry like the end is coming… because thanks to Trump and his christians… it is no matter how I spell it… have plenty aspirin on hand for reducing fever an inflammation… herbal teas are a great source…

Everything I can get my hands on, from all countries that are writing about the virus… anti-inflammatory…. reduce inflammation in your body, that means stop cigs, low consumption on booze, no drugs, no stress, good luck with that one and don’t invite the virus…

Wear mask, wash hands, social distance, don’t travel unless you have no other choice, meaning, you don’t see your kid for a while… suck it up… military do that all the time…

No one is asking you to do more than what our military and emergency services do daily….

So quit crying in your milk because some man made god said rape is immaculate….

OWN THIS TIME…. Don’t let it own you…..

Or we will be attending your funeral via the internet and my signature in the registry….

I told you so…..

Adorable Spite… voodoo hunter…. do you do the voodoo???

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