If ya didn’t notice, let me point it out…

If you read the first blog of the day, you saw how pissed I was…

I don’t get it… we sell America on Democracy, freedoms, rights and some piss ant russian gun toting moron decides women shouldn’t have any rights an they put a dumb fuck like Trump in office….

So yea, I had a good reason to wake up pissed off at the dumb ass christians in America…

If you don’t like America and it’s constitution and LAWS!!!

Leave and don’t let the door hit you on the way out…. that goes for every christian, muslim, jew, catholic, baptist, mormon what every god you want to hid behind that says rape is immaculate…. go… leave… don’t come back, until ….

you decide to live in America by it’s LAWS AND CONSTITUTION!!!!!

SGT USAF DAV child of pilgrims!!!! and fed up with religious bigots!!!

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