Eye surgery… well….

First cataract was done Aug 2019… Second eye done in Oct 2019… by Jan I had new prescription glasses, because, I have astigmatisms in both eyes an knew, glasses would always be worn, until eye surgery can fix my issue without reoccurring….. Right now they can’t….

So… Today I dished out just under six hundred for new glasses… why, because the astigmatisms got worse… not a good sign an I know this, even though I wrote I didn’t… Amazing what happens when cervical stenosis is under management…. beyond sighs….

What the new lens do, make the blurry go away, but it will progress an unless they come up with a fix, my eyes will eventually fail me…

New eye surgeon is on top of this an will be seeing me every six months to watch for the changes an address them accordingly….

I’ve known since Japan 1968, that beating took more than just my memory….

Finally a doctor or doctors are listening…. As for writing…

Well that is an issue, my hands, well both wrists look like that picture on the front page, so both were fractured or broken an computer key boards an mouse usage are becoming very painful, an hunt an peck on Ipad, non starter…an frustrating… as for dictating… not sure about that either, though I did get the PT giggling more than once…. so that could be fun with my deep sexy voice… someone said that not me….

Time for some brain candy, watching Tough as Nails…. just so I can enjoy what once was…. a healthy attitude….????? thought I was going body huh….???


Adorable Spite…..

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