What has been done, cannot be undone…

How disappointing J. K. Rowling has become as a person… writer, she is wow… but I never put her on a pedestal to begin with… so, no big deal, it’s her world, not mine… but will she change because she wants to change or because she has too????

Once something is done, it can’t be undone… once trust is lost, that trust takes a very long time to earn again if ever, hubby knows this…

I don’t trust… I have no reason to trust… Humans are just that, human and no amount of Voodoo religion is going to change the fact you are still human and humans fuck up…. sometimes they own it and sometimes they are running the rest of their lives… with that fuck up trailing right behind them…

You know, the blue pill, red pill type scenario…

For someone to reach out to me from my past, that has already lost my trust… Not much reason for them to pursue further than where they left off…. they closed the door, I’m just keeping the key….

It is my world… just as you enter it with reading this blog, you entered… I didn’t come seeking you, you found me… and fell under my spell and I’m never letting you go… bawawawaaaa. how ever they do that… sorry couldn’t resist…

No, I’m happy with my world…. It’s not all I would like or hoped for, but it’s a good world and it has support and love, and goof balls… so I got no real complaint… those that want to be in my world, never left it… those that didn’t want to be, took a walk and slammed the door in my face… again… I’m keeping the key….

Yea, call me old fashion… but I’m over fake family, friends and what ever professionals I got to deal with… either reality or go play in the field of dreams that only exist in your dreams… I’ll be in left field, playing with reality….

So; it sounds like I don’t forgive, yada, yada, yawn… honest, haven’t you read all that I blogged???

It’s not up to me to forgive anyone… I just ask people own their lives… if our paths ever cross again, we’ll see what happens… but, so far… I don’t see any of that happening… because it’s easier to be angry and hate me, than own what you did….

Yep the past can come out of no where once in a while and from the strangest sources… but nothing in life surprises me… after Protocol… nothing surprises me…

Sgt. USAF DAV Adorable Spite…. voodoo hunter… do you have the voodoo???

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