Holy Crap on a Cracker… Ritz sounds right….

Holy cow, can my body let me know it hurts… but I’m doing them and got all the strength training done before it got hot… and now I be so stoned, I can’t see an my #1 granbrat confabs on those goofy Iphones and I can’t see shit… true story, I’m squinting and laughing at the conversation about to give up and we are done… sigh, I really don’t like technology….

So, why the confab… so proud of the brat… she kept me private… an old acquaintance from the Air Force reached out to get hold of me and this person… I wrote about… shortly after my ex died of Agent Orange….

Anyhow, what she did, isn’t what I called friendship, first she lied about what John had… and then ask for my personal information, which would have had zero to do with his estate anyway… but stupid stuff she asked and that was just a bit too much… first the lie and then intrude into my personal world… that’s a christian thing, not friendship…

So, I’m am beyond proud of #1 brat… she respected my privacy and that is huge… even if she has gotten cranky with me… hmmm, that one will be dealt with… my daughter knows that…. I get even… by doing the worse, embarrassing the hell out of them… so, plan and plot and wait for that perfect moment and lesson learned or just a good pee panties laugh???…. probably both…

No, like I told the brat… if anyone wants to find me, I’m hiding in plain sight… waiting on the obituaries to make their rounds and hope that I’m the one reading them and not the one in them….

Anyhow… total impress on behavior today… means peeps are thinking… that I like… as long as they don’t get smarter than me… well, kind of, sort of type thing….

Yep, interesting conversation and pleased, my privacy is staying the way it should… Face book didn’t like me, Twitter didn’t like me and my family and friends don’t like me… why???

I can’t tell a lie, not even in writing, I’ll forget it, an I really hate being found out, don’t you???….

Enough prattle…


Adorable Spite….

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