The story weaved a spell,,,

From which I asked for no escape….

It started out with chaos… and not understanding what I was seeing… I lost so much that night in Texas… my first 13 years of life gone, in one split second of anger…. all I lived, gone….

The memory making was sketchy at best, but memories I made… how sick the baby got on the plane… playing an running around barefoot, not aware, I had lost some sensation in my feet and they were starting to contract…. my birthday never celebrated that year and, the year before,,,,

I died….

Not aware of what had happened… I pissed off the vipers in the house and received what all christians do to children… abuse…. time lost once again and this time… I have balance issues… and my vision has changed…. (spinal cord injury, again)….

The parents freaked out and unaware I lost all memory, things changed for a short while and friend from high school who recently passed, told me things I didn’t remember…. about, my family dynamic….

On to Okinawa they send us and the 2 adult christians are slinging their mud at each other an I chime in and land 10 feet or so the other direction….

That is just the first 17 years of life and not including the sexual assaults before I even made it to 13…. by you got it… christians… same ones raping America, saying Mary’s conception was immaculate… rape is rape, no matter the label….

Yep, If I could just have some quiet here on Makuu street, I might get a book written, but that isn’t going to happen… so….

Time for a bowl….


Adorable Spite….

weird the thoughts I come up with huh??? well, you just imagine what it’s like up in here anyway… just saying…

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