The beating impacted my pregnancy….

Being pregnant the first time around, was anything but fun… I used to love oranges… Not after that pregnancy… I spent more time over the throne than anything else and no one could explain why… an my 2nd pregnancy… no morning sickness, now why is that….

The last blow to my head, Naha AFB, Okinawa 1971… my first pregnancy Nov 1973, delivered in Sept 74… my neck was still herniated….

The reason I say that… the Vagus nerve… I was talking with hubby about something and was bent, in the wrong position for my body and got a wave of a rolling tummy…. sat up and corrected my posture and took the pressure of the nerve running down to the stomach controls…. sigh….

That has been going on since before I was 6 years old… another confirmation, that the spinal cord injury happened as a toddler and repeated abuse, never gave me a chance to heal properly… which is why I can cause the problem myself, with just the wrong posture….

Have you any idea how long I have tried to figure this one question out… why I got sick to my stomach for absolutely no reason…..???? All because adults who hide behind a man made god, couldn’t be adults an should be rotting in prison…. one is, he’s six feet under… so glad I shed not one tear at his death….

Well, busy day, trying to get things moved around so we can be more organized, just in case they get to do my dental implants… this virus is the real boss… I’m just along for the ride…

Have a great day, wear a mask, social distance and ignore the snake oil and listen to the science…

Adorable Spite….

As for the young Army that was murdered… My heart hurts for her family… at least they got recognition… all I got was buried….


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