She did it because she could…

When I look at the picture of my mother holding me as an infant… the look on her face is anything but paternal, maternal, loving, kind… nope… that look said it all and my body says the rest… and this is the woman who loves kids.???….

So many health issues that I have tried to figure out…

My last year in the Air Force I asked to be sent to a surgeon… I knew something was wrong and was denied… they were to intent on pushing me out, before the FBI was called in, which never happened…

So I took a day of leave and went to Fort Smith, Arkansas and saw my mothers OBGYN surgeon…. and he examined and said, it feels like you have scar tissue and I would recommend exploratory, in case the bowel is involved, because of the symptoms I was having…. this was 1983, the year I was discharged and the commander put it in writing denying me outside care… and yes I do have a copy of that letter by that moron officer….

By spring of 1984, I was in pain and went and saw the OBGYN surgeon at Yokota AFB, Japan… he popped a scope in my belly button, woke me up and said we going in for the big job….

The scar tissue were so massive, it had already strangled my small bowel and if it ruptured, my chance of survival, slim….

But because of the auto accident just before I got out of the military, I was in the throes of stenosis flare up… an rapidly forgot my past and that I could have gone after the Air Force for a change in my discharge from honorable to medical… an my ex, who used my identity, who knew all this, kept silent… and that marriage lasted until 1992, because it took that long for my brain to wake up and realize what an who had used me again… so much for love and honor… oh an the friends from the Air Force, about as good as what that young private got… trust is earned, not given, even in the military…

Anyhow….. bottom line… the surgeon on Japan, Dr. Blake, stated to me, that he had never seen that much scar tissue in someone with so few procedures…

When I brought this up to my sister… the game was a foot and she said, you imagined, nothing happened, yada, yada, yawn… on christians that are children of their man made god….

That lie got called out in Jan 2018, when she tried to shut down my blog… she and mommy don’t want people to know the kind of christian women they are…. hate to disappoint, but, people aren’t that stupid… con’s always give themselves away… always….

Men gave themselves away, when they called rape, immaculate conception and some of you yahoos, bought that lie, lock stock and barrel over niagara falls….

Bangers went by, worker for the HOA, isn’t that nice… Hawaiian bullies… Ho’onui…. yep, next time instead of calling them bastards… call them the Hawaii name… tourist trap… stay out, stay away, spend your money any place else…

Adorable Spite, lost all thought after the noise… I’ll never get the book done here… not possible… these people left their humanity for a fight with the white man while adopting it’s gods…. you can’t fix stupid….

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