Military Coverup about rape an murder, not news…. you have to survive the christians in government cover ups!!!

As a child, I was beaten to death at Webb AFB, Big Springs, Texas… All the military did, cover up the crime an ship us to Japan were I was nearly killed again an attacked on Okinawa with one last blow to the brain….

1977 I went active duty at Vance AFB, Enid, OK…. 1980 my child was raped an nearly murdered on a federal installations an he was six years old!!!

What did the military do??? Protect the attacker an push me out without a medical board for spinal cord injury!!!!

I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran, only because I proved the Air Force lied!!!!

The remains of this soldier is old news…. My first taste of death was 1967 an the government an military go to great lengths to bury the truth!!!! Don’t they Trump??? Kavanaugh??? Graham???

SGT USAF DAV survivor of christians in our government!!!!

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