March 22, 2019… Zip Line…

Uh, I think we have a Eureka moment!!!!

When my friends daughter came for a weeks visit, we took her on a couple adventures… one was swim with dolphins at the Kona resort, which is the eco friendly way to swim with dolphins if you want to do that… reasonable price for one person was, gosh about $300 a little more, don’t really remember…. but we also went Zip line and that was reasonable with cameras for her and me, I think about $200 and it was fun and interesting…

Anyhow, eureka moment….

I think we were taking her to the airport and we were still up in the hills when it hit… and it was a direct result of me, thinking I be young and go zip line…. triggered a flare up of the stenosis… something that has happened many many times and now I got to figure out what the trigger was for the other moments this happened….

So, the poor kid, may have had some empathy for me… but It was a familiar event… and now that I look back on it… every time I messed with my body and put it in situations that were not, oh so smart…. like saving my kids ass in Japan…

I paid… I paid with a flair up of stenosis and that has been happening since before Texas, before I ever made it to teenager… so no doubt, the initial spinal cord injury, was most likely shaken baby syndrome, followed by repeated abuse…. and a couple of my own stupid actions…. going in the military is one of those, but, boy did I have fun….

So, eureka…. stenosis flare ups are what my body does when it melts down and sometimes that means losing body function like I did for 25 plus hours oh not so long ago, in this blog….

Damn, triple damn, goddamn mother f…………. bitch… all my mother ever had to do was tell me what they did to me, so I could have a decent life….

I mentioned I laughed when they said they wouldn’t turn down a millionaire…

I did!!! Money does not buy happiness, it buys a lot of headaches!!!

Thanks mommy dearest for showing me how much of a christian like Trump you have always been….

Adorable Spite…. if you just read a piece here and there… you’ll know no more then, than you do now….

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