Face Book an Twitter are Christian corrupt platforms…


You insisting on the fantasy world, that does not include us?????!!!!!

Just that simple… The longer you stay on corrupt christian platforms…. the longer our physical separation will be….

Funny I already faced death a couple times, I know what waits me in the end, do you??? Life is fleeting, time precious an memories made for a lifetime, tossed in the garbage just so you can live to support face book…an placate us…

Lol, we know exactly our worth to you….

You are still on these corrupt christian platforms an prefer fake christians in your life an not us…

We are okay with that, we know reality, we know death, we both faced it an survived death….

Which is why we asked you to give up mans man made gods an its corruption, yet here you are still on the religious platforms you profess not to believe….

Not from what we see… we see you more afraid of life an inviting the death an corruption of christianity into your world while tossing us to the curb….

Always about choice an so far hubby is refusing to move where I would prefer… Okanogan county is looking more like a pipe dream….

Life is about choices… Live life free of mans influence an corruption of religion designed to control you or live with an among humanity…. Always comes down to choices….

Adorable Spite…..

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