Being the 4th of July and I gots so much ancestry….

Let me put it this way… All I knew when I started researching my family history was the crazy stories my mother told and what ever documents she and dad had… that’s it… I got nothing from them on information that was solid….

Well not anymore…

I have presidents, vice presidents, govenors, senators, representatives, police, fire, doctors, lawyers, nurses, military up the ying yang… and over 60% originated on American soil….

Some were on the Mayflower, those are related, but not direct descendant… the first woman to marry on American soil an have a baby… that is my link to pilgrims… and it just grows from there…

People spread out and some stayed close… Virginia is peppered with the graves of my forefathers… as are many other original colony states…. just wow, on that heritage…

I was sitting here, looking at all the royalty, all the way back to early AD with the Holy Roman Emperor… and my family line is there…

Ya know I can buy the American line… but the royalty, if it’s verified as true… it would explain the bat shit crazy in the family….

The pandemic changed nothing for me… I’ve been a prisoner of my home for a very long time, trying to get doctors to give me answers… now I’m finally getting them… because of me, not them…

An I watch as Trump and his christian base try to do what Hitler did, tear a nation apart, so that we massacre each other… Tribes and Hawaii would have no problem with that… they would get what was theirs back to begin with…

It’s still a shock, that I am descended from such great and awful people… who had no problem owning another human being and what is sad… that is still happening in the 21st century, because of evangelicals and the like minded christians…

The fastest way to destroy a nation like America… Let a deep state like religion take hold and what you see is exactly what you get… Biden isn’t any better, but at least his sanity isn’t too questionable… okay he believes in gods, but after 4 years of Trump…I’ll take Biden any day….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember

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