What has worth???

What has worth today???

education or intelligence????

You can have a degree in medicine an a license, but I am living proof, education of over a hundred doctors an not one diagnosed me correctly….

As for intellectual knowledge…. I do not have that higher degree but I do have the intelligence …. which is not dumbed down by man made gods or superstition….

But… the educated college licensed yahoos, are the ones that condemned me to this life, because they didn’t like my attitude… so much for intellectuals…..

When you dumb your brain down with bigotry, hate, fear an gods….You loose…

And you always will loose…. look at Trump an his base that gathered at Mt Rushmore, not one American among the mass of people… but a lot of educated white supremacy that says your god is white an made in their image..

I got to leave it there because, honestly you can’t fix stupid….

Adorable Spite…

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