Scream… oh boy did I… giggle…

In the military it helps to have a voice that will carry and doing Honor Guard, it helped to be heard over noise during a service, some graveyards are next to highways……. that being said… the banger, the bully, could hear me over his boom boom boom… giggle it was fun….

But that’s not why I sat down to write… it happened as I was preparing the food for tempura dinner tonight and tomorrow…

I was finished preparing the food for both nights and was cleaning up and by this time, I had been standing at least a half hour… not a good idea when you have spinal and cervical stenosis….

The heat crawled up my neck into my head and that was when I noticed my posture… the standing had been to long of a time and the body was literally folding and I pinched the vein and nerves in my spinal cord… the wave of nausea and heat and feeling of extreme fatigue, hit all at once….

I recognized what was happening and finished my clean up and came in here to document it… those few minutes the heat disappeared, because I’m sitting here in proper form and it’s killing me… pain pill taken a while ago…

I can remember these symptoms back to very young age, can I pin the age down… at least at the age of 5, likely sometime before that age, when the original spinal cord injury happened… like I said, seeing memories from the perspective of a toddler, not that easy… at that age, I imprinted my surroundings and the person doing the abuse… and mostly the form of abuse…

How I served in the military and had 2 brats that are as ungrateful as this nation is… total and completely through my mind… I never let any of them defeat me or own me… just that simple… an it’s very obvious none of them know me… at all…

Well, time for a break… that wasn’t fun, what just happened, but it is a reminder, it’s gone on for at least 61 years, maybe longer….

Adorable Spite….

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