Fake Aloha Cancelled, Cops called…

Ya know, I spent time on Hawaii before and what I saw in the 80’s should have warned me about what we are dealing with now… a lot of assholes who fake Aloha…

The property across from us was foreclosed on before the pandemic thing happened… but like all things, it got delayed, but the people living at the property have moved and some yahoos we don’t know are staying there, no power… so we got a feeling, it’s illegal….

Today they decided to crank the funky sound system they got, terrible bass, could hear the crackling… anyhow, they didn’t want to keep it down so we didn’t have to listen and the cops got called and I tell ya, they were here fast… so…

No more nice people… We aren’t interested in making friends, lived here 4 years and haven’t bothered, don’t intend to now… so cops are definitely going to get to know us… and that is a fact…

By the time the cop did get to the property, they had pulled the vehicle inside, closed the tall gates covered in material and went silent… Cop set outside the gate for a few an left… just to let them know… the jig is up….

As for the road bangers… honest, Hawaii is beautiful, but not the people… it’s sad a small few make life miserable for the rest….

Gee that sounded like Trump and his GOP deep state evangelicals…

Adorable Spite… staying closed up AC on to drown out the noise of Aloha that never was….

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