America slumbers ….

The day drawing to a close in different parts of the world… America slumbers with restlessness…..trying to forget her woes… America slumbers this night…

The sky of night filled so bright, stars twinkling in the twilight… A boom a bang a cheer was rang, before America slumbers tonight….

The sky filled with colors, sparkles drawn by an artist of the bomb, ohs an ahs, we hear them sing, just before America slumbers once again ….

The sounds reverberated around the nation upon this night, led by a man who is not so bright… He wheels an deals for his nightly grin, knowing a bounty is upon this our kin…. America slumbers on this night…

The smoke filled air the nod here an there, the crowd slowly drifts away wondering how America will slumber this night…. so many afraid that roof over their head will be gone this time next month…

How will America slumber those nights???….

Have a safe holiday an know your freedoms came upon the backs of our ancestors…. from all ethnic background, religion, color an sex… we are stronger together… Do not let Trump an his deep state christians destroy our democracy…..

Adorable Spite


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