You Faked it, I caught it…..

One thing about living my life… you learned at an early age to watch people… and hear them and most of all pay attention…

What bothers me, is when people fake it… Now don’t get me wrong… I love getting videos and pictures… an the only thing I want staged… you do it safely… and most of all don’t fake it.. I can tell….

When you have been beaten and abused by the people you are told you have to love and respect and worship…. and all they do is fake it….

You pick up on it in a heart beat… because in the end… the child’s behavior when we are around will tell the truth, it always does…

Saw it with the grand kids…

So faking it… that’s for the bed sheets… where you don’t want to hurt the feelings of the person you love…

The child won’t be able to “FAKE IT”…. the behavior is pushed on him by the adults unable to be adults… and the cycle of abuse continues….

Self awareness is the most painful thing I have to deal with…. on so many levels, that even hubby can’t keep up, not even the neuro doc ….

Self awareness isn’t a gift, it most definitely is a burden… which is why the last 20 years of living the way we have been living is going to be very difficult to give up… we grew, they didn’t…. advice given, not taken… choices, always about choices…

I grew up around fake people, I worked in the military and federal government around fake people, I attended church around fake people… and I married fake people….

Owning your life, your happiness and your anger…. takes the desire to grow and figure out how to change the outcome that isn’t written in stone… the child has time to un-learn, what it has been taught… but that time is fleeting…

Yep adulting is not easy, but life wasn’t meant to be easy, if it was, we wouldn’t have wars, crimes and man made religions…

We would live together, among each other and only see the soul of the person… their eyes….

I hope no one does any more fake stuff and sends it to us… I don’t delete, but I haven’t bothered to go back an look at stuff either, because I see, what they are turning a blind eye too….

Yep, the pandemic made our world the same as it was last year and it may stay that way for a very long time…. why???

Because we grew and they didn’t…. and I won’t enable anyone’s poor choices or behavior…

Mom, Grandma, Sister, Daughter, Veteran….. Adorable Spite….

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