Tired of pasty white men…


All the article talks about is how callous Trump an his christian base are…nothing new in that, children are raped every day by pasty white men called priest…

Ya know, who is going to pick the fruit an vegetables this year???

You think that bigot in the golf cart shouting white power will pick your food??? No, but people like him will pull a gun an take the food off your table, because the dude shouting white power knows, that gods are man made an covid19 don’t give a rats ass if you are white, brown, black or yellow…..

BUT…. that white skin says we are in power an they are going to make anyone who doesn’t see the world like them…. you are the ones they will lock up, take jobs an act like they are superior to you….

Trump has done that since he stole the presidency….told you what to think, what to believe regardless what your own senses tell you….

What is coming…oh my goodness children, are you ever in for such a rude an deadly awakening….

Our doors are closed till vaccine is available an you can prove to us you got the shot…till that time…. have fun reading the blog an seeing if what I predicted happens…šŸ˜ˆšŸ˜ˆšŸ˜ˆ

Ring is offline again an we never lost power or internet… do NOT WASTE MONEY ON RING….. Try Simply safe an let me know if its any better… RING isn’t….

Adorable Spite…

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