I gifted what I valued and was disrespected…. edited…

At one time, we were pretty much living out of our 5th wheel and what I wanted to keep, we crammed into that unit and something I absolutely loved, I gave to my ex mother in law….

We had been shopping in Arkansas an other states, but the lamps I picked up at Goodwill, I knew… I knew something about them was special…

Now I can’t remember the Italian name for the lamps, but they were the pretty color of blue, my mom in law loved and the lamps were valued at $1,000 each… yep, I have an eye for quality… Good will sold the pair to me for $30………

I was afraid those 3 foot tall lamps would get destroyed traveling under our bed in the 5th wheel, so I told hubby, lets give them to Suzy and that way, they will be appreciated and won’t get busted… Something I valued, not only for it’s beauty, but I’ve never seen lamps this beautiful or owned anything of such value as these…

What has this to do with anything…. Emotions…

I placed value on what I gave the woman because of the intent behind it… To me I was showing her, physically, we appreciated her, we cared about her and we wanted her to know how much what she did for dad meant to us….. and I didn’t ask for anything in return… just treat me the way I’m treating you and she didn’t…

Instead she lied straight up to me and hubby and that was the beginning of the end of our relationship…. because the blog has been out there since 2017 December and she can’t read it, too painful, but a bible and rape about Mary is acceptable???????? Hypocrite!!!…. Well I Didn’t realize I was that good a writer, that the Bible pales to my story….

Once you disrespect me, you’ll do it again and again because she used that same lie recently… when I called her out for interferring in the relationship of hubby and his siblings… I mean get real, these people are all over 50…. they can make their own choices about relationships…. but emotion is what she lives by and not reasoning and logic and that to me is beyond insane…. Why???

Because she is a mental health worker and it makes me wonder how much damage did she do, because her religion was more important than her humanity…..

This is likely my last write about this subject….

Emotions are just that… they are controllable and you have choices with them… most just go for that moment that works for them and not anyone else… and that is selfish christian behavior to the core….

Just look at Trump….

Adorable Spite….

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