Have you ever experienced???

The 3rd person… Last night a show I was watching talked about the out of body experience as the 3rd person… Ever have it happen to you???

Usually it will happen if you have a near death experience… you’ll have something like an out of body sensation as if you are looking down upon your own dying or what ever event is happening….

Most people will also experience the 3rd person under extreme stress, much like what my childhood was like and that 3rd person, became a valuable tool later in life…

So when I hear some one talk about out of body experience… I know they didn’t die… they had what science calls near death… but the brain is still active…

When it happened to me… I guess you’ll have to just say I died…

No out of body, no angels or man made gods or family… just complete darkness and silence…

Now what happened to me, we may never fully know, because the woman that caused all my injuries is busy talking to her imaginary friend in her head and she calls it a god… so bat shit crazy and truth will never pass her lips…

So I have to speculate and most of all, I have to go through a lot of test….

MRI #4 coming up in a couple weeks and that’s in less than 3 years… I’m gonna glow in the dark… won’t need a night light….

But I had the 3rd person experience… on numerous occasions… but I recognized it for what it was… I was detaching myself from the abuse and hate in the Bagwell household… they may know their god.. but they sure have some mean fists and leather straps and mouths as filthy as any sailor… sorry sailors… ooops…

It’s when you don’t realize you are doing the out of body thing, it can turn into more serious mental health issues… so… kiddos…..

If you are having out of body experiences… please seek professional help, so they can guide you through the mental trauma you are experiencing….

I had me and a great husband… and I did seek help, when it felt like it was too much… no shame in asking for help…

But their is a lot of shame in believing rape is magical…. immaculate conception… I have heard every line out there when it comes to rape and this one is the best con yet….

Adorable Spite


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