If IT was real, why do you have to LOOK for IT????


Article talks about looking for imaginary friends, an christians an muslims have more than their fair share of mental illness….

Searching for gods during a crisis or pandemic or war is not unusual….

My question is this…..

IF gods were real, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO HUNT FOR THEM?????

IF the god is real, why isn’t it’s presence felt without seeing IT or touching IT???? Wouldn’t you know your god intimately before you are BORN, IF god is real????

IF god was real, we all would know this god that you hide behind…

But it’s not real anymore than the imaginary friend you talk to in your head….

Just because you believe in gods, doesn’t make it any more real until YOU PROVIDE PROOF, an that you WILL NEVER be able to do…. Produce your imaginary friend….

You can’t fix stupid stupid has to want to be fixed an that won’t happen when you dumb yourself down for man made gods….

Margie, I remember the man made gods that raped an beat me to death….HUMAN!!!!

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