I forgot about the Cavalier….

Been trying to sort out all the times I could have sustained spinal cord injury an one I forgot about, happened before the Air Force did the psych exam an discharged me… I stated I paid for the test through private shrink so as to compare to AF test…. the private shrink said fog an I was….

I was in an auto accident…. the only one I ever have been in….

I hit my sternum on the steering wheel at 25 mph, no air bags at that time… an hello… Whiplash…. my fog on the psych exam, was from the cervical stenosis rearing its ugly head since Don knocked me across the room on okinawa in 71… or beat on me in Japan in 68 or killed me in Texas in 67 or Freda beating me in 64 an 60…. the auto accident was in 82, less than a year before discharge….


Medical discharge was ignored so they could cover up rape an attempted murder on a federal installation….

Men in power protecting men in power… Sound familiar????

Sgt USAF DAV… now its sleep time…. wow…. eureka!!!

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