Can you feel my heart beat???

That’s a song right???

Can you feel your heart beat, without touching your pulse or chest???

Can you hear the blood flow in your ears, without sticking your fingers in your ears or wearing head phones???

Can you be sitting and feel the blood exit your heart and make it’s trip around the body and feel it, as it transverses the brain???

These subjects have been brought to doctors attention before and you got it… I grew 3 heads like Hydra… go figure on college education… stick to the book and don’t look any place else for information… honest you can’t fix stupid and I will go out of my way to hire doctors that are not religious of any kind….

Since as long as I can remember and that’s all the way back to toddler age…

I’ve heard my blood flow, through my veins… along with that came the ability to feel my heart beat, anyplace in my body, without touching myself… the brain picks up the pulse, in every place you can feel it… my brain lets me know it’s working…

The one thing that has been missing since El Paso VA nearly killed me Nov 2011…. the blood flow as it circles the brain and it happened…

I was sitting and all of a sudden, I felt the beat from the heart as the blood pushed it’s way around the body and the sensation of it going from one side of the brain to the other to head back to the heart… happened in a flash of a second, yet, I felt it…

Things like that have been available to me since Freda beat me up as a baby…

The body has the ability to shut that off, so you don’t hear it and it usually happens in the womb or shortly after birth… it’s obvious, mine never shut down… and if you are paying attention… that’s the answer to how I survied christians and their brutality….

My body warned me in advance of things going to happen and here we sit… 66 years later, me telling the story of how christians rape, lie, steal, cheat and murder in the name of a man made god….

Easy peasy….

I had a technican ask me once at El Paso VA, when she was doing the EKG… she looked at me, because I grimaced, she said, “You can feel your heart beat”… I said yep… and she said, not everyone can do that… and I said yep…..

To me it’s just the normal way my body lives, because of the damage christians did to it… most of them are 6 feet under, only a couple left to put down like the rabbid dogs they are…

But those sensations I live with… will not go away and as I make things stronger, the noise will get more noticeable, because I’m not compressing the nerves and veins as much…. no big deal to me, I’m used to the noise… it’s been with me from the earliest days of memory….. thanks to christians…

Margie, I remember….

Adorable Spite…..

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