Watching America become China…

China is sterilizing a specific group of people because of their beliefs…

The supreme court just violated our constitution by allowing tax dollars to prop up religion….

My family founded our nation…. our constitution was designed to protect us from being forced to sterilize because of religion…

If China an other countries do it, whats to keep them from telling you in America what to believe an what to worship an who to have sex with??? ….

It starts out innocently supporting the corruption of education by brainwashing an we head down the slippery slope of dictatorship an loss of human individuality, like China is doing….

Always about choice….

Blue pill, live life the way it was meant to be, free of mans religion that control, not educate….

or Red pill an they tell you who you can fuck… blunt yes, but reality is not a made up imaginary friend in my head that tells me to fear life…an do what you or anyone thinks they can tell me to do….

Yep you can’t fix stupid stupid has to want to be fixed an that will never happen as long as you fear life because of man made gods… you didn’t fear it when you were born, you were made to believe what isn’t real… mental illness 101….

Adorable Spite….voodoo hunter…

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