Thumpy, bumpy, dumpy….

About the way the body feels and at moments it feels strong and it goes limp like spaghetti cooked…

We are figuring out that if I did recieve any health care, it probably wasn’t for the right reasons… an my speculation is that Dr. Woolett had a lot to do with covering up shaken baby syndrome… didn’t he Freda???… and that doc thought Don did the damage and it was you all along, wasn’t it Freda???

I warned you, I told you… I asked you…. now I’m telling you Freda… Your legacy will be my book and it will expose the Bagwell clan for all the ugly, criminal things they have done… oh yes… that book is going to get written and none of you are safe…. as long as I stick to the truth and you know what Freda????

My body is the walking truth and until it’s dead… my body will speak the truth, that christians want buried…..

So yea, you can tell I’m just a little pissed… Pissed at the stupidity of the evangelicals for selling our country to Russia, just so those sick frigid men and women can tell me what I can do WITH MY BODY!!!! What planet are you fuckers on???? HELIOS????

I would just like one stupid son of a bitch to get in my face and tell me what I can an can not do with my body… oh please…. I dare you and that self defense training that is coming back… will get used and it will take an army to get my foot out of your ass….

Yep, just a little mad after physical therapy… the more I learn, the more I know and the more I know, the more cemented in memory of the abuse the memories become… any doubt, melted away….

According to the people treating me… shaken baby and multiple spinal cord injuries…. an we know this how???

Loosey goosey… If my whole body was that way, it would be an actual condition with a name… but my whole body is not like that… only areas that recieved blunt force trauma… okay most of the body, but not all…

What that means… I can go back to the age of pre teen and know that my nerves and muscles were not communicating correctly and neuropathy had started before the age of 5 years old… just that simple…

The symptoms… it always comes back to what I experience and when and how long after the beatings…

Instinct was my savior… which means IQ was up there before the brain injuries happened and the continued spinal cord injuries, that will never heal… so they take from me, when they flare up, which, anymore, is frequently…

Inflamation of the spinal cord, in a continued state of inflamation, creates a host of cognitive issues and can actually take away some cognitive function…

Ya know, Don didn’t suffer near enough at the end of his life, I was around for it… and he truly didn’t suffer enough… kind of hoping Freda makes up for that, anytime her turn can come around the block isn’t soon enough for me….

So what this all means… I lived life, not knowing I had strokes…., I had traumatic brain injuries….., I had spinal and cervical injuries…….

I went through life being told by husbands, doctors and therapist… I was making it all up….

Please put me in a room with those yahoos and give me just a few minutes with each one…. they will leave that room a different person… that I can promise… I’ve done it to others… make them quake in their panties…

All my suspicions about injuries and when and how and yada yada, yawn… have been proven true… one more MRI for the spinal cord injuries and that’s the last test… the last nail in the coffin of Don & Freda Bagwell and their criminal past…. and the start of the book..

I remember… Margie….

Adorable Spite….

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