Scandal coming to an end… well maybe…

I can no more predict what my siblings and crazy mother will do next… but one thing is for sure… I will never see any of them again… they bought what she was selling lock stock and barrel… and they can have the bitch….

Last test… yea!!!! MRI Dec 2017… MRA Jan 2018… MRI Dec 2019 and now one this next month…. an hopefully the last of those things… I hate closed in spaces…. ugh!!!!

What will this prove… ya know, not too sure on that myself, but the fact the neurologist was quick to order one… tells ya, he knows more than me on what can be on that MRI for a decades old injury…. but, always that little friggin word…. But….

I’m betting they find something… why??? Because it happened while I was sitting in the recliner, slightly bent forward and it happened…

Keep in mind, my spine was forward and my neck was in correct position… but… just bending from my waist, while sitting… triggers it… the spinal cord dance and heat up… and I was drenched in sweat on my head an felt like I just ran a marathon… so it’s like a seizure, but not a seizure… it’s all the nerves running up my spinal cord into my brain, vibrating and causing a heating sensations from the friction… same thing happens in my leg, but the head… that’s our processor and it leaves ya drained…

That episode I just talked about… when it started… usually some kind of trigger, exercise, riding a horse, being on skates, working my dental job as an assistant…. moving things around like furniture, chasing after kids…. a trigger… Not anymore…

Now it just happens and when that started, that was when I started asking questions and stood in Freda’s kitchen and told her I was missing memory and 10 years later… here we are getting the last MRI…. I hope…

Early on I wrote that I thought my memory loss was due to the TBI or the stroke… I never had a clue, my spinal cord could be injured and still be injured all these decades later… and I survived…. so never tell me you got a hangnail and can’t get off your ass… you won’t like the lesson I dish out….

So the memory loss, is primarily due to the inflammation of my spinal cord and just like compartment syndrome in my leg, cervical stenosis of the neck is the same thing and your brain doesn’t like being shaked and baked… it goes foggy… so many answers from one simple question….. and the VA tried to kill me in the process….. geez….

It does explain why the IQ testing showed it still being up there in number… and the testing explains why they got the results they did, because of the over stimulatin of my nerves in my brain and neck… but men, would never own their fuck ups now do they????

The exercise will do most of what I need it to do… give me some quality of life and better body usage and function… but it won’t stop what happens with the spinal cord… repeated abuse and no medical care, takes it’s toll… but I look at this way…

Since beating the federal government at their own game… since I quit working in 1996…. your tax dollars have given me a comfortable lifestyle… not rich by any means… but more comfortable than many of those involved with the cover up at Webb AFB, Big Springs, Texas and Vance AFB, Enid, Oklahoma….

And that includes mommy dearest and brothers and sisters…. not bad for brain injury…. still think I’m the stupid one Donna???

Well the MRI, is a few weeks away, and I’m excited to get it done and see if what I think is there… I’m hoping it’s not… but, it’s been there for a long time, it’s not going to change anything when they finally see it and show me… curious aren’t you….

Have a great evening… we are hot, AC on in the other room and I’m in the office ready to melt… time for a bowl….

Adorable Spite….

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