Poof and it’s gone… It’s a bloomin miracle…. NOT!!!

Yahoos, yahoos… I wrote Russia was in the white house, when face book kicked me off… I wrote Russia was trying to kill veterans and twitter kicked me off… so YAHOOS!!!!

Keep believing what Trump tells ya and women in America will be told to spread them wide and those in charge will just take their turn…. Doubt me???

Well you yahoos doubted me about Russia being in the white house and that Kavanaugh would lie to become a supreme court justice and …. Women in America will have zero rights or votes…. again, yahoos… doubt me???

Well you can’t fix stupid, stupid has to wear a military uniform and find out that gossip is rampid, no matter the venue… Church, White House or Our Military… and if you keep following that train….

Learn to speak Russian…. and get the hell out of my country….

The republicans scrambling now, when people like me have been silenced by said republicans, who are in it for themselves and not the nation…

You yahoos, deserve what is coming and that is a bald face fact…

You bought into their fantasy and you are now living their reality…..


Sgt. USAF DAV I told you so…..

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