So you humans who hide behind gods so you can rape, lie, steal, cheat an murder…..

Why isn’t your god stopping COVID????

Why isn’t your god saving your followers dying by the thousands????

Why doesn’t your god stop wars, famine, murder???

The reason your god can’t touch me or any humsn???

IT DOES NOT EXIST EXCEPT in YOUR IMAGINARY FRIEND IN YOUR HEAD!!!!! you are mentally ill……. you are sick an need to be locked up…. you are the problem with our world…..

Religion dumbs the brain down because you fear life…. if thats the case, take your religion an jump off that cliff of insanity an join your god an leave the rest of us to live in PEACE!!!!

an take Trump, Pence an Mcconnell with you….creepy pasty white men, ewwwwww.

Adorable Spite voodoo hunter of your corrupt, raping, lying, murdering, cheating ass….. boo…. Zuckerberg….

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