Bamboozled… yep, exactly… just that… Bamboozled…

I have one major left temporal lobe headache… all because of my neck… something I am learning to tell the difference… What teeth I have left in the Maxilla give me a headache in that area, but so does my neck… and that is the whole problem…

It’s always been my neck….

The more I learn, the more I hate christians and what they did to me as a little girl and how they stole my life, because of secrets like Donald J. Trump is keeping… no regard to life… just got to keep that closet closed, because what you did was so terrible… well Trump did sell us veterans to the highest bidder… ain’t that right Putin… KGB…don’t think he was one of the guys at my desk… but all I saw; tall and serious, very serious men with a thick Russian accent…

So the neck…. it got missed all the way around an it explains the first pscyh testing and it’s results, which were the only ones to come out that way… and I have had more than one health professional, literally fall of their chair laughing when I tell them …. I was Passive/Agressive personality disorder…. yep.. that is the military’s go to excuse, when they want to cover up crime and they still use it today… but I did take the test… but I also remember paying to have one done also, to compare the military test too and you know what… they came out the same…..

Passive Agressiver personality disorder…. well, that couldn’t be further from the truth… but the state the body was in, would explain the results…

I had just done PT not that kind, the kind we had to do to stay physical and fit in the military and got hurt doing it, and I had also walked into a marble pillar with my face at Sheppard AFB hospital in front of 2 nurses… so witness’s both events… this was within a couple months of each other…. the pillar, happened days before the psych test… the PT, happened a couple months before the psych test and that was a physical injury, involving my spine…

Okay, got you confused yet??? I am….

The symptoms I was having when those test were done, are identical to what happens almost daily now… the spinal cord was inflammed and when nerves to the brain are over stimulated you go into a fog and the civilian shrink actually wrote that… I was in a fog and as if I had sat an smoked a joint in his office… tells ya how good a doctor he was… first clue of brain or spinal injury… FOG!!!!

The subesquent psych testing done by the VA and Social Security administration all came out the same…. PTSD…. an the kicker on this if you follow the blog… I took that test in 2010 or early 2011, before the leg surgery and El Paso VA herniating my neck and that psych exam came out just a hair different…. curious????

That psych exam said I had PTSD, but he also stated my IQ was above average and I had a unique memory ability…. ya know photographic….

Whats this mean…

If you go back an read my blog and you are doing a paper for your masters or thesis or just doing a paper on psychology and all the issues my body has…you will see it… in the writing…

Remember, last Saturday, I couldn’t write if I wanted… I was in a fog… an it was induced by the physical therapist… which I had to inform them of, because it’s a warning… and you got to read neuro and all the crap I do, to understand that, but I got it… and figured that out Saturday…. I got stoned, via a massage… wild huh….

This just validates that the nerve damage, the spinal cord damage and all the other injuries… were given to me at a very early age, because my mother kept telling me, when we lived in Mena….

She likes children….

I don’t think I was one of those children…..

A lot to digest and acknowledge that shaken baby syndrome… the memory is real and I’ll tell ya straight up as a old person… seeing a memory from the perspective of a young child is one hell of a ride… an it hurts beyond belief… to see people yell and threaten children to get them to perform…. an that’s what it is… performance for your entertainment….

Yep, lots to digest as my mind goes on another memory journey…. is it bedtime yet????

Adorable Spite….

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