This bugs me, so work it out…

When I stood in Freda’s kitchen 2010 an told her I was missing memory…. I had the same feeling then as now about other relationships in my life….

Be it my kids, or friends or relatives or family by marriage… When I come to you with an issue that needs addressing, because it is impacting us an you blow me off an expect a relationship???? Uh, what planet are you on????

Yet you had no problem coming to me with an issue that had nada to do with us an wanted our investment of time an when it didn’t work the way you wanted, we found out fast how important we really are….

This kind of behavior is indicative of religion an its warped teachings….. its not honest behavior, it’s convenient behavior… much like what Trump does…

At one time, you called us, and we were there….

Not anymore…. This isn’t just me, hubby feels strongly about this…. we give honesty an rarely do we get it in return…. social media an online friendship is more important than our love an caring… at some point you have to walk away from the fake world, into the real world….

We keep hoping for awakening, but the reality is the moment in time, now….

Adorable Spite…. to early to be awake….

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