I gonna play with the bangers😈😈😈😈

So, no sleep since the first write at 1AM an I be thinking, how do I bust the kids making our lives sleepless, an hello….

Getting my camera out, attach the fancy high speed flash, charge everything up, set the Ring for long spotlight time an wait…

I am up before they go by most mornings, not much you can do about pain…so….

Next time they decide to be rude, I step outside with my high speed camera an microphone an record, all the while that flash will be shooting off like fireworks… Same technique I used in Las Cruces an it freaked the bangers an we got quiet, until we moved to Hawaii Island an hell is what it is, via Hawaiian bully’s ….

I used to have a spotlight flashlight, gonna have to get a new one…burned the last one up, hitting the rigs for license plates to plaster on the web…

So plan set, now just wait for stupid to do stupid an I will get better pictures than what you get for UFOs an ET….or big foot… hope those jobs they are going too are worth losing, because I will be looking when we go to the stores an I WILL bitch about their bullying employee with picture evidence…Like I said, fucking with me, dumbest thing you will ever do an thats a fact…

Coffee calling….

Adorable Spite…. let the games begin….

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