Holy crap on a cracker do I want a War??? lol hmmmm…

Cops just left and daddy was at the property across the way… so everyone knows… Adorable has had her fill… and then some… so… I did read the law right and guess what… we are suppose to call, provide evidence, license plates, video if possible, you name it they will take it a give the banger a ticket… repeat offenses add up and if we feel threatened, the punishment just jumped from misdeameanor to felony….

Who knew being a senior and disabled, got ya anything but drooping body parts…

So, do I want to order cameras and spend some money??? If I do… I’m getting me a siren that goes on the side of the house that is anything but quiet…. hope my neighbors forgive me… but that thing just may go off, every time a banger goes by, so loud, they will think it’s a tsunami alarm… oh yes…. I’m that geeky with these kind of toys… did it in Arkansas & New Mexico and people found out…. don’t mess with her, why????

Because she’s got a condition… and I’m going to use it….

Time to go shopping….

Adorable Spite….. or not, charging my hand camera and flash now, but I need to remember how to use it… for night time… uh, does this one do night time or did I send that to a gran kid… uh oh… yep, I got some looking to do… old camera first for night vision and if none… I’m going shopping….

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