Hawaii & Bullying is this the beginning of the end???

Do you remember what it was like back in 2008… the crash was happening… the insurance and banks did a bunch of illegal stuff and will again… people were losing homes and jobs…. it was a mess….

But the one thing about it that sticks out… because unemployment was up, so was crime… from petty up to murder….

Now banging isn’t much more than disturbing the peace until you use it as a tool to cause emotional and psychological harm… which at this point, I would say yep it’s happening… that being said, you have to prove it… all I got to do, get that PTSD motor mouth going and I will be in tears and so coherent… the judge will fall off his seat….

I don’t like court rooms, won my last case against renters…. so hate being in them because of my job at the Staff Judge Advocates office…..

So, I will use the laws and those laws get real funny when it comes to bullying or terroristic behavior towards seniors… it’s a straight up felony….

Can I prove it… Oh hell yea, if I want to dish out about $300, maybe $500 for a good set of two cameras that are two way communicate and have high speed capability… an set to record and go to bed…. all I got to do, when they go by, look at my phone by the bed for time and go back to sleep…

Get up, download the video and upload to the internet… in color and stereo at least 1080p….

So yea, I do know how to do this… done it in two other states… such a royal pain to get children to behave like adults….

No wonder our nation is fucked up… kids haven’t got a clue… nada, zip, zero…

This will be a long process If I don’t order the cameras… the software I have… pro of course…. again not what I want to do… I got other things to occupy my time… like sleep….

So before this gets to ramblings since I got exact 3 hours sleep last night and have been up since 1AM….

I’m out of here and waiting on the cops to show up….

Aloha… bah humbug….

Adorable Spite… once there was Aloha, once….

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