FYI, before I give it up…

Their is no win or lose on this situation… This is a people showing the world that they have more rights than anyone else living here and as I watch the exodus off the island… that money that helps to keep it running, is in check books like mine…

We were planning to buy a new truck next year, I bought my new 4Runner here… but after the treatment of telling them thank you for the Aloha noise… they lost our business and that money will now be spent off island… somone lost a good commission… as for other things we need… I avoid the stores as much as possible and order most everything, but our food, because I’m that fed up with the lack of Aloha….

It’s not going to impact our donations we do, to habitat, which has been sold before we got it unloaded, more than once… or the cash we give for the food banks or the hospital needs or the humane society… no we will continue to contribute to the community we live in… but…

We won’t spend our money here… It’s the one thing in Life I have a say over… where my money goes… and that is one pricipal, I work very hard to stick to, it means that much to me… treat me as I should be treated, not as you think you have a right ….. that is the Real Aloha, Hawaii has lost….

So our money on big ticket items won’t be spent here… and that goes for the furniture we had planned to take home with us… We’ll let a local craftsman back home make the things I was going to buy….

I talk with my honesty, integrity and most of all… the almighty dollar…. yep, we are so ready to leave an go home, back to the place where we know who the assholes are, can yell at them and go have a drink after….

Not here....

Adorable Spite…. geez that sounded sad... yep I’m tired….

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