Contemplating, since no sleep….

As the idiot neighbor starts the engine up, I switch over to Ring an get on the loudspeaker an say… Really people???? They quit hitting the gas an drove off… At least my feet aren’t wet for going outside to yell in the middle of the night….

But, what I was thinking before the noise intrusion… the bangers…

This little article talks about hearing loss an damage from loud noises… an I realized…duh… let them have a field day blasting their noise…all it does is annoy us an wakes me, since I am a light sleeper…but that can be fixed by turning a fan on at night to drown out the noise…

The damage to their ears an body’s are not as easily fixed… Loud sound can not only damage your hearing, but vibration from constant bombardment of sound waves on the human body is no different than how it impacts wildlife… Wildlife has no clue, humans are damaging themselves….

So Hawaii bangers, have at it… Annoying me is minor, your self destructive behavior is indicative of bullies an christians…. enough said….

Is coffee ready yet??? 1 more hour, I can turn it on…

Adorable Spite ease dropping on the night life, would rather not… just saying… want coffee…..

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