Bummer…not loud enough…

Well it didn’t work, drug runner just went by, banging to his hearts content… and he couldn’t have heard the alarm if his windows were down an stereo off, well maybe not that quiet, but my goodness, for all the hype Ring puts out there, the siren is a joke….

My dogs bark louder an meaner…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So I guess, get fancy camera that is high speed take some video an pics an plaster them on that Venmo what ever site an expose the aloha fraud…

Many a business has been taken down by this one simple tactic, proof an truth, Aloha is a myth…. couple of those bangers are building contractors… Hawaiians….. bullying at its best…

Adorable Spite… just have to deal with children like always…. teach them a lesson through legal means…i.e. court evidence an restraining orders…. violate elder abuse an disability laws an it goes felony in a heart beat… don’t it lil bro???

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