1:24AM Aloha???????🤬😡🤬

This time of day, all you should hear… night life…like crickets, an frogs, an boom, boom, boom taking you out of a sound sleep… Bully behavior is Aloha behavior… 5 years an counting on the Aloha myth….

Now hubby can sleep through a tornado an lightning an earthquakes… Just a fyi, he did sleep thru that….

Me, the tax payer, bread winner… Thinking, wonder if I can come up with some way to take control of bangers rigs, only one problem.. the cops kid drives a clunker an most bangers are clunkers, no brains in the engine or behind the wheel, just bullies called Hawaiian….

Options are available, did those in new Mexico…but here, we are in the boonies an cops are not easy to get out here, even when someone is being murdered… Aloha is an illusion…. just the facts…

Smoking a bowl at this time of day, not the norm… usually sleeping, while I can, not tonight… thanks to Hawaiians an their fake Aloha.. much like christians an their religion… Fakes…

Told hubby, wasn’t happy how it went down with mom in law…being made to feel guilty over a fake relationship is for the religious, an telling me my story to difficult to read but the bible is a cake walk… once you lie, it never ends… this time, I ended the lies…

Not much you can do when you catch people being fake, when you were genuine… an you want out, I put it down how it is, say it like it is an do not waste time with their excuses…which is justifiable to christians… I prefer the honest route, tell it like it is… ya know I sent cards to hubbys siblings for years an got nada after 2004, an all of a sudden we should be interested in their lives??? Fake is fake, we pass…

We full filled a promise asked by a dying man… it wasn’t a lifetime commitment….

Anyway, body starting to knot up, no sleep an time to smoke that bowl an hope the rest of the night is quite for reflection…

Adorable Spite….waiting on the rooster to start😂😳😏

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