Put your money where your mouth is….

One thing about Hawaiians, we knew we were moving to a Bernie Sanders mentalities…..

That has changed since that vote an now its turning towards, get someone elected that has AMERICA FIRST……

Trump is Trump first, so are his christians an all religions…. an you are not included in that fold, for being protected or cared about…. white power, or didn’t you see that tweet or news..???

Twitter kicked me off… AdorableSpite an AdporableSpitFire…but lets Trump an his christian base pollute our nation with hate an racism….

Did you know that the ten commandments are based on the Laws of Africa??? Did you know Moses was a soldier an pyramids were built thousands of years before the jews came on scene an those said pyramids were built with paid labor???? DID YOU KNOW or just believe what comes off face book????

You can’t fix stupid, it has to want to be fixed an why bother when you can buy a spot in heaven by putting Roberts an Falwell in mansions an Trump on his gold throne, bet thats one cold toilet seat?!?!?

Adorable Spite….

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