My brain has a habit…. leaving without me!!!

Anyone who has had laughing gas or general anesthesia or smoked pot… knows the train can leave the station and you are just, like, uh… wait for me!!!

That happened on last nights write… the body was tired, but most of all, my nerves in my neck were shooting off like the 4th of July fireworks…. an it will happen again and again and again… why???

The tingling at the base of my spine, just above the crack of your ass… an as you scratch that hairy, sweaty…. sorry couldn’t resist… yea, I giggled… anyway…

When you scratch, it feels just like any other part of your body you scratch… but not to me and not since I was 5 years old… because that’s when the memory picks up… the tingling at the base of my spine and the warning, “Complain and you’ll get some more…” I got some more anyway… after a while, you take the threats for what they are, lies, from a bully christian… I was 5 years old, when I got that realization…. though I have a feeling that picture of me as a toddler, says I knew that from birth….sigh….

So, by the age of 5, I was already exhibiting nerve damage in my spine… Evidence Freda… evidence and you can lie and tell what ever story you want…. you lie and always have… becasue I know your secret… Don’t I???

Sorry I digress, just imagine the book, when I get to get it together… anyhow…

Spinal cord injury, for me, happend at a very young vulnerable age… shortly after I was born….but because of the symptoms that I remember at age 5…. we will go with that as the injury onslaught… which didn’t end till the last blow at 17…. such good people, these christians….

Yep and the Air Force is working with combat veterans and the VA is suppose to be a guiding light???? UH HELLO!!!! What a joke both systems are…. and I am walking proof of that….

Rain falling, hubby walking the pups and wet they will be…

So I have over 60 years of nerve damage to work on and hope, some of the feeling does come back by rerouting of nerve endings… and hopefully, now that I’m aware of all that has happened… I will come out of surgery, like I did these last 3 procedures… the doctors and surgeons listened and treated me as a patient with multiple brain injuries and the MRI’s have proven what I said and that the Air Force and Veterans Administration are in the buisness of burying the truth….

Well the blog numbers have come back to what they were when I wasn’t being censored, but not like they were when I was on Face book or Twitter… even Word Press has censored me… Law 230 needs changing and our laws about free speech need to be enforced and not picked clean by the GOP and Trump and his corrupt christian base… it’s time to expose the truth….

Religion is the only deep state on Earth and needs to be kicked off the planet…. good luck with that… Fear is the mind killer, I will face my fears and let them pass through me and only I will remain….

It really is nice to live free of mans, man made addictions… you weren’t born one, you became one of the many addicts that make our world very sick…. because you fear life….

Adorable Spite… life is about choice, always has been…

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