Medical side of the journey or not…

Going over the conversation with the PT kid, and trying to remember all she did… she is one good massager, but boy does she ever leave me hurting, but not this time…

She went for my neck and the area at the base of the neck between the shoulder blades and that is the forming of the hump you see in older adults or look at Judge Gingsberg… her neck & head stick forward… at her age, not surprising, you have to stay physical and exercise and we all know how much I like to sweat… NOT!!!

But hubby is enjoying the workouts and this just means, we are both willing to do the work for a better quality of life… we both dumped mans religions, mans addictions called cigarettes and alcohol…and social media…

Yep, we are actually living a good clean life, devoid of man’s man made addictions….

I just giggled, because I asked hubby, are you willing to give up the pot if I do the implants…. he said yes, when we move back to the mainland… we will be done… thus the PT, to learn how to cope with our inuries in an effective healthy way…. (I just want to out live my birth family, lots of devil emojis, lol)……May do that by virtue of my blood type, thanks to the pandemic….

Ironic, but when we got married 26 years ago, we both loved to party and still go to work the next day with a hangover and do it again the next night too….

Eating healthy, more exercise and being productive… We have bought and sold 3 houses in the last 12 years and we are working on #4… We lost our other properties when hubby got sick… but we still learned from all of them and are working to make sure our future is secure, because thanks to Trump… my VA & SS, could well take a hit, while the rich get richer… becasue…

People are going to vote emotionally and not logically, and that is why relgion and face book and twitter can manipulate you so easily…. just like I’m doing the bangers…..

Fear….of getting caught….

Adorable Spite….

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