Giggle city, it worked?!?!????

Well, we changed signs Friday, we put the yard sign up high, so it could be seen from the road as they head to the cliffs to fish an the drug houses….

We heard one banger last night as it approached from the land side headed to the cliffs an it was a banging until it could see the lighted RING sign an all of a sudden it got quiet an it was not past our property…. SO……????

When you take on simple minded bullies like Trump, you just out think them, because christians mentality is a child’s mentality …. an honest, unless the kid is gifted, they are just that, kids, with no clue, much like christians who dumbed down for the man made god they worship…. so manipulative action against them is Soooooooooo easy….

All you got to do, take your humanity back an tell Zuckerberg an the Alphabet company democracy is worth fighting for an being enslaved by Zuckerberg or Alphabet company is no different than trusting mans bible….

Yep you can’t fix stupid an hubby an I will not live near anyone who cannot own their lives…..

Red pill reality, blue pill man rules over you….

Time is running out to own your lives or our presence an checkbook will be no place close to you……

Gig harbor has some nice property… 😈😈😈😘

Adorable Spite….

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