Ever see “the Stand”?.?

Not a big reader of Kings work, my eyesight does that to me… my eye candy, neuro, psych an heart… but, watching the news just now an Dr Fauci said something we agree with about the vaccine for Covid….

We will not get the shot, till enough population prove any side affect issue… when you take biologics for RA, you play Russian roulette with all things… add heart disease an we need proof, that the vaccine they come up with so little testing is safe…

So far, all the U.S. government has done, turn me into a anti vaccine, because of the rushed science….

This has been done with humanity on the sidelines an christians ramming their beliefs up our ass, guess thats how they like it…..an to me science an religion will never mix, any different than oil an water….

So for us, no company on Hawaii, an we move, when science says its safe an not government employees who have no value for truth, nothing but the truth…. Until that time… Bangers an Hawaii are home….an safer than the dumb ass morons that follow Trumpie…. You can’t hide from the dark man….

Adorable Spite…..

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