Brainwashing via Celebrity Authority.?!?…

Watching news an they go on an on about Zuckerberg?!?!? If you are going to take the child down, you have to think like a Russian… Doubt me??? Really????

Oh sweetie, I already predicted the downfall of Trump, Pence, Mcconnell, Mormons, Catholics, Baptist…all taking money so that you can worship their idols… Hows that working for ya???

Mormons are off shore banking, Catholics want to groom your children for their priest, an the Baptist want you to believe rape is magical an Mary got pregnant without a mans sperm… an I have a bridge for sale off Hilo, Hawaii that goes no place like mans religion, except to the bank….

So what you selling your soul too for mans make believe heaven??? or are you just buying somebody else a nice home on Hawaii, or a stint in the white house or you sold your soul because sex to you is a sin, because you like it so much????

As long as you give up your individuality for religion, you are not human, you are a robot, devoid of humanity, because your closet overflows with your crimes against humanity… criminals that use the label christian are devoid of any humanity, just so they can tell YOU how to live….

The longer you stay on these platforms, the further we will stay away from you… just that simple…. you enjoy being led by the nose an will only have the back of those who believe in the same lies an propaganda……

Take your life back, dump the platforms Zuckerberg designed to dumb down your brain…

Blue pill reality….. Red pill, Zuckerberg is your slave owner…..

Adorable Spite, survivor of censorship by Face book an Twitter an Word Press….

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