Spew…. Eureka!!!

Before this memory goes back to sleep…. Freda did it… She hurt the spinal cord… how do I know….

I spewed undigested food at age 6 just after the TV beating…. the Vagus nerve was pinched… Something I have experienced so many times… the GI doctors didn’t get it right, even after scoping my stomach, they got it wrong…. the gurd and digestive issues….

Directly related to spinal cord injury…. EUREKA!!!! I spewed undigested… that is huge for a memory, the detail….and the those details are coming in technicolor …

All along it was her… the mother did the worse injuries… Don just added to them… cowards, and my siblings are no better, liars, cheats, thieves, rapist… christians… hope that made up god in their head is worth it when the time comes…. but I got a feeling, you’ll go to your grave like Don did… arrogant and afraid to own what you did wrong… total christian all the way… Zero humanity…

Ya know, if we got rid of the superstition, religion and snake oil… you would have to face the reality of your first breath on earth….

You were born atheist and got brain washed as you grew… now you are aware and chose to hide behind mans gods, because of mans propaganda…

Ya know I have never seen NCIS anything, or ER or Scrubs or any housewives dumb ass bull shit…. why???

Because I don’t need a fantasy world to live in… the real one is entertaining enough…. why would I close my eyes to reality for fantasy like religion… that is the definition of mental illness….

Anyway, aha moment… the Vagus nerve was already pinched, because I was puking solids, not digested and it would be solid, 12 hours later, so no acid was being generated and no way to digest and it would come back up… and the VA had me on Zantac the cancer drug…. so glad I quit that drug over 10 years ago….


Adorable Spite….

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